Monday, August 20, 2007

Locker room gossip

After working out the other day, I stopped in the locker room to pick up my purse and whatever else was in my locker. As I walked in, I noticed a woman, probably in her late 40s early 50s, fanning herself with the locker. She caught my eye and we shared a chuckle. She said, "God I hate these. Hot flashes are awful." I said something like, "Yeah, I'm not looking forward to them."

Lucky for me, I was wearing my beloved IHSB t shirt. If you haven't seen this shirt (of which Stacie and Lee are the proud creators) it has two big "X"s on the back. The woman says to me (referring to my shirt), "Were you in a sorority?" I said, "Oh no... This is a shirt my friends made up. The two "X"s on the back stand for the female chromosomes, and the letters on the front stand for I Hate Stupid Bastards." She looked at me with a little confusion, but then proceeded to talk about her daughter who was in a sorority at Oregon State. Over the next 20 minutes I learned that:

-her daughter just got married
-she graduated 2 years ago
-she married someone who works for Microsoft
-her husband took a new job which moved them to Seattle
-his income alone is more than this woman and her husband make, combined
-her daughter and son in-law didn't think about cost of living in Seattle vs. Oregon, so they are actually losing money even though he got a huge pay increase
-she's an only child
-being in a sorority cost a ton of money
-the parents paid for everything for her

I think I learned more about their family, but I can't remember now. I was thinking though, that if I was a stalker, I could easily find this girl. I don't know, I almost felt bad for this woman. It was completely obvious that she really wanted someone to talk to. So, I feel this was my good deed for that day. I'm just shocked at how much she told me, and I didn't even give you all the details about her menopause. Perhaps that'll be another blog. Only if you're lucky.

p.s. The lead singer from the New Pornographers needs to get his teeth fixed.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Happy early birthday to me! (and Stacie!)

In college, Stacie, Amanda, Paul and I took a class by Dr. Dennis Dailey called Human Sexuality in Everyday Life. It was amazing. So informative. Well, Stacie called me tonight and said, "I have something very important to tell you: Dr. Dailey has a blog!"

Needless to say, I screamed. I've always wanted to retake his course. Or at least be able to get advice from him. This will be so great!!! I suggest everyone read this blog and learn. Start from the beginning and it will all make sense.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


I started 2 entries a few days ago, finished one yesterday and one today. Unfortunately, they don't show up as new entries. What I'm saying is, scroll down and you will find them. One is "You do the crossword too" and the other is "I like Lenexa".