Monday, August 25, 2008

Catching up

OK. I have had a few things on my "Blogs to write about" list. I was planning on dedicating a blog each to all of them, but realize now that that is just not going to happen. I probably could make it all more entertaining, but just don't feel like it, you know? So, here are some quasi-entertaining things that have happened to me over the past couple months.

#1 I had to take my car in to the dealership, and instead of waiting around I hitched a ride home with the Toyota guy who was stuck driving everyone around town. While in the car (van, actually) with one other woman and two guys, the driver and the guys were talking about an expressway that is supposed to be built in Lawrence. People have been protesting this expressway because it will destroy Lawrence's wetlands. So the guys are all talking about whether or not they think it's going to happen, if it would be good, why it should not happen, why the Native Americans are pissed and the driver decides to bring up something that would have been a good point, had he not misspoke.

He was planning to say "eminent domain" (the state or government taking your land, for just compensation, if it will benefit the city or state) (I learned that in Business Law last semester). But instead of "eminent domain", this is what he said:

"Yeah, well, I guess the land owners should be worried because the state could always use the inseminate domain law."

I really had to bite my lip to keep from laughing after he said that.

#2 While driving through my parking lot one day, I was passing some guys with my windows rolled down. Normally I listen to my ipod through my tape adapter, but that day it was a short drive so I decided to just listen to the radio. Many times when I switch from "tape" to "FM", I forget to adjust the volume that is usually blaring. I forgot that day, and right as I was passing these guys, I hit the "FM" button and (with my windows rolled down) "It's A Small World After All" came blaring out of my car's speakers. Pretty sure they were laughing as I drove away.

#3 One night I was at a favorite hangout with a friend. While enjoying the beautiful night on the front patio, we saw a spectacular thing happen. It was pretty late, and basically out of nowhere came this woman. She was pretty big, had curlers in her hair, and was obviously in pajamas including some sweet, fuzzy slippers. She was walking in such a determined fashion that my friend and I were both a little scared to laugh at her and her awesome outfit. It was apparent that she was on the hunt for a cheating boyfriend or something, and that she wasn't going to let anything get in her way.

I've finally updated! Woo hoo! I feel better. And now that I've done this, I promise I will keep up with it. By the way, I leave in less than 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah, if your last name rhymes with Schmargrave, will you send me a text with your email address? Thanks!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Yesterday was my birthday... you can't be mad at me for not updating this blog. That works, right? The truth is, I don't have internet at my place of residence right now, so doing anything online has been a pain in the ass. Luckily, I quit my job, so after Monday I will have all the time in the world (until I leave the country) to update this blog.

Until then...