Saturday, September 8, 2007

Cutest boy in the entire world

I'm studying on a Saturday. Good for me. Anyway, I'm at one of the several coffee shops I frequent and there is a little boy in here, who is dressed so f-ing cute. He's, I don't know, 4? (I'm terrible at guessing ages.) The first things I noticed about him were his cowboy boots. It's pretty hot outside today, which means I wouldn't even dream of wearing my cowboy boots. That, apparently, was not a consideration when this little boy was getting dressed today and decided to put on his boots. In addition to his brown and black cowboy boots, he's got on camouflage shorts. For his shirt, he's wearing a white polo and a black vest. The vest, which is not buttoned, has a quilted front and satin-y back. In the middle of his chest, just below the buttons on his polo, there is a gigantic sunflower sticker. To top it all off, he is wearing a paper crown on his head, that I believe he just made. And this is no crappy paper crown. Instead of the typical "decorate your crown with crayons", this crown has designs made out of that weird foam stuff. These pieces were then glued onto the crown. He's adorable. And he keeps dancing. Not to any music. Just dancing to the beats in his head.


ross said...

Gotta love how kids just wear what they like, and parents who don't over control their kid's image. Good description, but this is what cell phone cameras are for!

Anonymous said...

Jen Im not 4 im 28... Boy you are bad with age!