Saturday, November 1, 2008

Rain, rain go away

This week was our fall break. One would think that maybe I would have updated this since I had an entire week without classes. Of course I didn't, though, because the week completely escaped me. It was full of shopping, and sleeping, and relaxing, and having fun with friends, and going to the gym (that is a blog all to itself). I just wanted to write a quick post explaining something I learned this week.

Tuesday night Claire, Javier, Jay and me wanted to go out to eat. We had planned on this with some of the other people who were still here, all of whom were Italian. It happened to be raining that night. When Claire went to ask if they wanted to join us, as originally planned, and they all responded like this: "What?! Go out?! But, it's raining!" I'm not joking. So the 4 of us went out and they thought we were crazy. Then, the next day, one of the other Italians who hadn't been there the night before asked what we had done the previous night. When I told him we'd gone out to dinner, he also responded with, "But it was raining last night!" I don't get it. Also, everything seems to shut down when it rains. As if it isn't hard enough already to plan your trips to the store when they are actually open, you throw rain into the mix and it is impossible. God, I love this rain-fearing country.

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