Monday, February 18, 2008

I remember now.

Do you know how (in my last post) I said I thought there was something I wanted to say? Well, the instant I signed off and left the apartment I remembered. Do you want to know how I remembered? Well, I got in my car, turned it on, and listened to the radio. On the radio was a certain band called Radiohead. Don't know if you've heard of them. Anyway, the second I heard the song, I remembered that that was what I had forgotten to write about. So here it is:

Radiohead is coming to St. Louis! I believe that is the closest show to KC. Anyway, they play on May 14th. From KC, it is about a 4 hour drive. I was extremely excited when I found out, because that is actually a pretty close show, considered to where I've driven before for Radiohead. Yay! So all was well in my world. And then I thought, "Hey! I should make sure that I don't have any finals, because the show is during finals week." I have only one (1) final because my other class does not have a final. This final is from 7:30 -10:00pm. I imagine that you've already figured out what I am going to say. Yes. You're right. My one and only final is the exact night of the only Radiohead concert remotely close to where I live. I'm so upset about it that I haven't even let myself think too much about it yet. The end.

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