Sunday, June 1, 2008

Language barrier.

Every time I hang out with Stacie and Enrico (he's Italian), I am constantly stuck translating for the two of them. Not Italian to English or English to Italian, as you might think; but Stacie's English to Enrico's English and vice versus. Most of the time Enrico misinterprets something Stacie has said. When he looks confused, she repeats it in the exact same way, usually with him still not understanding what she has said. After a few rounds of this, I step in and say the same word or sentence and almost inevitably he goes, "Ahhhhh... squirrel (or whatever I repeated for Stacie)."

As I said before, the miscommunication usually comes from Enrico not understanding Stacie. Well, last night, Stacie did not understand Enrico and it was one of the funniest exchanges I've heard between them. Enrico was talking about some Italian composers/singers and at one point he said, "Giovanelli" (referring to an Italian composer from the 16th century) (and yes, I had to look that up).

Stacie looks confused for a second and said, questioningly, "Juggernaut?" And this is what I pictured. Priceless.

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