Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cimba Place?

As I was walking from one side of the courtyard to the other tonight, I had a strange feeling that I was on a t.v. show. And not just any t.v. show, but Melrose Place. I never really watched it when I was younger, but do remember that a lot of the show focused on this nice apartment complex, where everyone seemed to always be hanging out in the center of all the buildings. That's similar to how Cimba is. There is a courtyard where (after class today, for example) many of us were hanging out and talking, with others coming and going. Some of the guys were playing with a soccer ball, some others were smoking, some of us were just talking, but we were all in the courtyard. What makes it even more like Melrose Place is that many of the bedroom windows/balconies look down onto the courtyard, so those in their rooms can come hang out and participate from the 2nd level. This is not the best picture (it was raining when I took it), but you can get the idea:

Alright, I must go back to my primetime soap opera life.

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